Teen Wolf

Throughout its history, the game of basketball has had a rich history of dynamic point guards. Double-double machines who could kill you by either dropping dimes or getting buckets. In previous eras, there were players such as Tiny, Isaiah and AI. Today, there are almost too many to name, such as CP3, Steph Curry, Dame Lillard, John Wall, D. Rose and of course, Russell Westbrook.
However, one name that won't appear on the list of all time great NBA point guards is probably the best to have never made it to the league; a high-flying, high-scoring guard by the name of Scott Howard.
He was known for his amazing handle, tomahawk dunks from the foul line and most famously for becoming a werewolf during a game. His story is well told in the 1985 documentary film, Teen Wolf, starring a young Michael J. Fox. 
This is my tribute to the original Teen Wolf with a little twist, some updated footwear (adidas Crazy 8s).
This piece is limited to 50 prints and comes hand-numbered and signed.
Artwork measures 12" x 10". Image is 10" x 8" with 1" border on all sides.
Frame not included.

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