Jake Shuttlesworth is a man on a mission; a prison inmate that's been given an offer he can't refuse. If he can get his superstar son to commit to play basketball for the governor's alma mater, he could get some time off of his sentence. It all boils down to an ankle monitor, some fresh Air Jordan 13s and a climactic one-on-one game between Jake (Denzel Washington) and his son, Jesus (future NBA Hall of Famer, Ray Allen). By the way, if you didn't know already, this was from Spike Lee's 1997 film, He Got Game. If you didn’t know that, you might not have known that the Jordans that Jake wears are now called the "He Got Games". 

This piece is limited to 50 prints and comes hand numbered and signed.
Artwork measures 12" x 10". Image is 10" x 8" with 1" border on all sides.
Frame not included.

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