During the ‘90s, I considered the sitcom “Martin” to be must-watch TV. My favorite character was one that Martin Lawrence occasionally played, the kung-fu instructor who never backed down from a fight (but definitely should have), Dragonfly Jones! He decided that his assistant/obedient servant, Kenji, didn't deserve to be paid for his services…and then he paid for that decision. Kenji beat him down and took his money, repeatedly. We can all learn a lesson in determination from Dragonfly. No matter how many teeth were lost and bones were broken, he stuck to his guns. Kenji gets no cash!
“Learnin’ from The Master is your pay, Punk!' 
-Dragonfly Jones
This piece is limited to 50 prints and comes hand numbered and signed.
Artwork measures 12" x 10". Image is 10" x 8" with 1" border on all sides.
Frame not included.

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